"When he wants to use you, he does allow you to get close to him. But there will still be a thick wall between you and his heart."
—Tsukumoya Shinichi, about Orihara Izaya in Durarara!!x9 (via mizaya)

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durararararara rarara rara ra ra ah ah ah ra ma ra ma ma ga ga ooh la la want your bad romance

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

"Hi, so first i just wanted you to know that your themes are perfect, and i love your blog :) But i have a question: I'm using your ukiyo theme, i completely love it and everything works perfect, exept of the back to top button, suddenly it didn't work, i don't know why lol, can you help me out maybe? thanks ^-^"

hi! thank you for your lovely message ; o ; i don’t know why the back to top button would suddenly stop working, maybe you were modifying the source and something changed within it? i suggest you copy/paste the codes from my pastebin once again and it should work! in the source it should look like this: <a href=”#” title=”back to top”><img src=”{image:BackToTop}”/></a> and instead of the default image, the image that you choose would lay. if you keep coming across this problem please contact me again privately so that i can see the problem on your blog!~